The firm of Stephen A. Friedman & Associates, PC has represented disabled individuals since 1989. Conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, we handle disability cases across the nation. Our practice is focused solely on representing disabled individuals. We represent individuals claiming entitlement to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration and Workers’ Compensation as well as those who are pursuing a Personal Injury claim. We excel in utilizing our vast knowledge of the various areas of disability law to help our clients successfully pursue their disability claims. Contact us for a free consultation.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income

As a well established disability law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, we have successfully represented thousands of claimants for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Representing disability claimants across the nation we have found that whether a disabled individual lives in Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, or California, when filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration it is important to maintain your appeal, continue to get as much medical treatment as possible and get ready to appear before an Administrative Law Judge.

Workers’ Compensation

Our law firm has been successfully representing disabled workers in their Workers’ Compensation claims since 1989. In fact, Stephen A. Friedman began his legal career defending employers and their insurance companies. This gave him the background and skills to become a well–known and aggressive advocate on behalf of claimants in the field of Workers’ Compensation.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for helping Mark with his case. It’s been a long time fighting for some benefits for Mark. Our minds are at ease now. Knowing we can get some of these medical bills paid and be able to get the medicine he needs and not have to worry if we can afford it. We appreciate all your hard work and would highly recommend you.

With great appreciation,

- Mark & Annette

To the Law Firm of Stephen Friedman & Assoc.:

You are wonderful and truly caring…believe me when I say I am thankful and grateful that you were my attorney and gave 100% toward my case.

Thank you,

- Gloria

Thank you for all your guidance. Your magnificent work should never go unnoticed. Thanks again,

- Ernest

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your caring efforts and professionalism. I know that this is your job, but I feel that it was more than a job to you. I hope your firm appreciates the work that you do. I am sure other Vets feel the same as I do. You truly are a point of light for Vets.

Thanks again,

- R. G.

I am very grateful for Stephen A. Friedman & Associates, P.C.’s help. I’m so grateful for your strong words that are implanted in my soul…I pray that God will always bless this company, forever!!

- Shana

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